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Tue Sep 22 12:45:56 EST 1998

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998 15:58:16 GMT, gmc0 at ix.netcom.com (George M.
Carter) wrote:

>johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:
>>>By contrast, there is a group of about 10-12% of people with HIV who
>>>are either extremely slow or non-progressors (for all intents and
>>>purposes).  Their CD4 count does not diminish.  There is no rationale
>>>for treating these people.
>>I agree, if we could just get you to see that leaving the other 88 to
>>90% alone!
>Another error in logic.  The other 88-90 percent progress to AIDS at
>varying rates from as long as 8-10 years to some who develop AIDS very
>rapidly (within a couple of years of infection). 
8 to 10 years, imagine that.  I personally, and I am not in contact
with as many people as Christine Maggiore of the Los Angeles Chapter
of HEAL, know a bunch that have lived without the "benefit" of your
drugs for more years than the CDC has said they would, the first time,
the first revised time, the second...., what is up to now 20 years?
Why are HIV positive hemophiliacs living longer than before the "AIDS"
epidemic  began.  And that's another thing, tell me why we call this
an epidemic?  The black plaque, 1348 a.d.  Now THAT'S a plague!  Wiped
out a third of the population, including bunches of medical personnel.

>Geez, you make a lot of them.  Many, many people don't realize they
>have HIV until their first AIDS defining event (most often, PCP).  No
>drug cocktail was taken.  I've had other friends die believing your
>brand of horseshit...indeed, you might be another one in deep denial.
>My friend Casper Schmidt died of AIDS, hoping it was just some kind of
>mass delusion.  I hope you wake up before an OI kills you.
Sorry to hear about Casper.  Did he listen to you also?  jb
>		George M. Carter

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