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Leonard Pattenden ddlpatte at mailbox.uq.edu.au
Tue Sep 22 19:39:29 EST 1998

On 22 Sep 1998 johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Sep 1998 18:04:47 +1000, Leonard Pattenden
> <ddlpatte at mailbox.uq.edu.au> wrote:
> >On 22 Sep 1998 johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:
> >
> >No paper proving untreated controls fare better than those on treatment.
> >
> >John, why not contact the Australian HEAL chapter - they all died off.
> >They gave up being "guinea pigs" too, perhaps they didn't have enough
> >"faith"? What about HEAL founding members, why are they pushing up
> >daisies? 
> >Speak to real live persons John - they can tell you too. there is a list
> >server for those on Crixivan (Crixlist), and how about the longterm
> >non-progressors list? Why not ask them? In the meantime I'd search the
> >literature a bit better, you seemed to have missed quite a few key
> >articles on antiretroviral therapies and their benefits. But of course,
> >you were just reciting the dissident nonsense weren't you? Or were
> >you dodging Marnix's question by trying to turn it about?
> Why Len, you're back. How nice.  LA chapter of HEAL.  Christine
> Maggiore should be able to help you find out how the HEAL chapters are
> doing.  

Yes, I have a thing called "work". Sometimes this crazy thing called
"work" stops me from speaking to ignorant people for awhile. Will
Christine ask me to read that book suggesting drinking lots of water will
not only cure AIDS, but also homosexuality? Will reading the Perth AIDS
Group's papers, (you know those SPECTRA quotes where a virus *wasn't
isolated* and they say this is how to do it! Or even the one about
"proof" it hasn't been isolated, but even in the Virology paper their are 
cross references to where it has?). Or maybe I should read Duesberg's book
again, especially the bit about all retroviruses are harmless - Hmmmm? 

I think you need to examine the other side of the arguement, forget that
nonsense about "your tax dollar" going to "minority groups" (ie your
personal feelings), and look at it objectively - I'm sure they taught you
that when you first studied dentistry.


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