Chicken red blood cells

Hua-Chen Chang hua-chen.chang.1 at purdue.edu
Tue Sep 22 21:05:42 EST 1998

Hi, there,

        I have been using ACK lysing buffer to eliminate chicken RBC from
lymphocytes isolated from spleens.  Add 5 ml of ACK buffer and incubated for 5

min at room temp.  Centrifuge, wash, and so on....

        It works excellent for me.

        The formula is in the Current Protocols in Immunology.  I did not
remember the formula in detail.


HSJ wrote:

> Dear Sirs,
> Someboy knows a manner to eliminate chicken red blood cells of PBMCs. I've
> already looked for this information on the internet and I didn't find
> nothing. If one of you could help me....
> Thanks in advance,
>                       Hamilton.

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