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Carlton Hogan carlton at walleye.ccbr.umn.edu
Thu Sep 24 13:22:48 EST 1998

In article <36097103.150681607 at netnews.worldnet.att.net>,
 <johnburgin at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>On 23 Sep 1998 20:19:37 GMT, carlton at walleye.ccbr.umn.edu (Carlton
>Hogan) wrote:
>>In article <learn-2309981142390001 at tench.microbiol.washington.edu>,
>>Jerry Learn <learn at u.washington.edu> wrote:
>>>>  chemists who criticize the virology and immunology. By the way.
>>>> What *has* Mullis done lately (besides creating a totally data-
>>>> free model of AIDS pathogenesis)?
>>>I did a check of Medline this morning, and the only thing that I can find
>>>since 1992 from him is the above mentioned paper (A hypothetical disease
>>>of the immune system that may bear some relation to the acquired immune
>>>deficiency syndrome. Genetica 95(1-3):195-197).
>>Yeah, that's the data free model I referred to. His "immune network
>>overload" theory. A good armchair quarter back think piece, but not
>>credible as an alternative explanation of AIDS etiology.
>Isn't it interesting that you discount data free models because you
>need them so bad to massage the data to get what you want.  Remember
>what Mark Twain said about statistics.  jb

You claim to be in the medical field? "data free" means unsupported
by any observations.

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