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Wolfgang Resch wresch at email.unc.edu
Wed Sep 23 20:40:57 EST 1998

On 23 Sep 1998 johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:


> he's been busy writing a book, which you should buy and read.  He is
> passionately against what you proclaim to be "good science".  Not all
> scientists are bad, just the ones that aren't objective, which
> obviously, you are not.  Have you ever heard of Emerson's quote, and I
> paraphrase, brilliance is the ability to hold to conflicting views on
> a subject and still be able to maintain objectivity.  Something like
> that.  I used to be where you are, swallowing all the garbage the
> government was spewing.  So, I guess I sort of feel sorry for you.
> But there will be a time when you will be confronted with evidence
> that you can't deny or dismiss.  One day you will meet someone that
> has been HIV + for 20 years with no evidence of AIDS and no history of
> taking drugs like AZT and PI's.  I hope that one day is no more than 7
> years away.  Obviously that's the 20 year mark for the test labelling
> people as being HIV + having been developed.
> jb

there are long-term non-progresors infected for a long time. and there are
99 years old heavy smokers. will you deny smoking is unhealthy ? what does
that mean for your argument ?



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