Help needed with s-IgA ELISA

Graham Shepherd muhero at globalnet.co.uk
Thu Sep 24 13:44:29 EST 1998

Matthew Bristow wrote in message <6uduu1$fi7$1 at canard.ulcc.ac.uk>...
>I'm trying to optimise a sIgA ELISA and I have a query that is most likely
>blindingly obvious.  I have read that there can be reaction between the
>bovine serum albumin  (used to reduce non-specific binding) and the Ig that
>your are trying to measure.  Given that s-IgA is fairly 'sticky' Ig, I'm
>concerned that s-IgA  in some individuals will bind to BSA and render the
>assay less accurate.  Can anybody confirm or deny that this happens and if
>it does happen can I limit the problem?
>Matt Bristow
>University of North London.
>School of Health and Sports Science.

There are better blocking agents than BSA - look back ten years or so for
relevant papers, but from memory, fish skin gelatin or casein (dried milk
from a supermarket will do) are both worth trying.


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