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Leonard Pattenden ddlpatte at mailbox.uq.edu.au
Thu Sep 24 20:27:34 EST 1998

On 24 Sep 1998 johnburgin at worldnet.att.net wrote:

> That's right Carlton, I'm far too ignorant to waste time arguing with.
> So why don't you pick on something really big and ugly.  The facts.

We are still waiting for you to post the facts.

> You see, when I've been confronted with people(and I use the term
> loosely to include you) who know everything because they have been in
> some mind warp trying to epicycle themselves to death I get great
> pleasure in the knowledge that one day, hopefully sooner than later,
> what they believe is statistical knowledge will bury them.

Please post statistics showing AZT causes AIDS, especially uncorrelated to
HIV infection.

  I've been,
> as I said, involved in discussions with pathologists, people who
> should know better, who should be able to defend this b.s., and find
> them unable to defend HIV specificity tests, clinicians who can't
> understand why an HIV positive test shouldn't confer immunity like
> every other disease, physicians who have no idea what Koch's
> postulates are and physicians who say that the HIV retrovirus fulfills
> Koch's postulates.

Which postulate of Koch's has not been fulfilled John?

  I have spoken to AIDS patients that I have treated
> that don't know why they are taking chemotherapy medication.

You should clarify you are a dentist, in this forum some might get the
impression you are a physician. Of course this does not negate your
arguements, but some scientific sources would be desirable. To date your
arguements have merely been words in a vacuum.

[snip]... worth.  Climb out of your test tube and learn about life.  Talk
> people that have been through the process of a misdiagnosis of being
> HIV positive(due to a number of unrelated causes to HIV "infection")
> and have had their lives ruined.  Hey, but what's a life worth anyway.

There was this recently in this regard from the CDC update you may find

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