Help: Glutaraldehyde Antibody

Greg Adams GP_Adams at fccc.edu
Fri Sep 25 16:10:05 EST 1998

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<Help: Glutaraldehyde Antibody

<I have very little knowledge in this field.

<I would be grateful if anyone could help me by suggesting possible
antibodies against glutaraldehyde [  <HCO(CH2)3CHO  ].

<If replying by e-mail, remove 'x' from e-mail address.

<Many thanks


    I'm not sure if you will have much success finding a commercial
antibody against glutaraldhyde as I would guess that it would be very
difficult to make one.  However, there are places you can go on the
internet to search for antibodies, one is the Antibody Resource Page at
"www.antibodyresource.com".  As I have only just started following this
group, I hope that I'm not stating something that is overly redundant.

Good luck,
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