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Mark Lishman mark at
Sun Sep 27 09:26:51 EST 1998

I would be very grateful if anybody could help me with the following...

Please note, however, that I do NOT have a medical background so a
simple explanation would be much appreciated.

The following pneumococcal antibody levels are from a three-year-old boy
who suffered from pneumococcal meningitis when he was 18 months old.

        Pneumococcal IgG                        160 Titre Units
        Pneumococcal IgG1                       40 Titre Units
        Pneumococcal IgG2                       20 Titre Units
        Haemophilus b Antibody                  0.14 micro g/mL
        Corynebacterium diphtheriae Antibody    0.81 iu/mL
        Clostridium tetani antitoxin (IgG) ab.  0.05 iu/mL

I have these questions:

1. Are these levels significantly lower than for other children of his
age (i.e. three years old)?

2. What is the risk of further infection if he is faced with a
pneumococcal challenge?

3. Besides pneumonia, what constitutes a 'pneumococcal challenge'? For
example, is recurring pneumococcal meningitis a possibility?

4. Is a pneumococcal vaccine likely to stimulate the production of

5. Are there any serious side effects with the vaccine?

6. Will taking Penicillin V twice daily inhibit the natural production
of the antibodies?

Any information regarding these issues would be welcome.

Mark Lishman

Mark Lishman

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