HIV/AIDS and the Perth Group. Was:"AIDS Treatment News"...

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Len, I have no desire at all to continue feeding your fascination with this
topic. Val said the first step was for those wishing to debate their work to
critique it. This is more than pointing to a few articles and saying "done."
Step by step, point out the problems with their work. It is a tedious process,
but you all keep blabbing about how easy it is to poke their stuff full of
holes. Do it in a thorough, referenced document. That is what Val said (in his
note *to you*) was the first step. No one has done it yet.

The point of my interjecting is that you have done a nice job of selective
quotation yourself. You posted a note I wrote in the exchange of some time
ago, then posted your own reply, though didn't bother to post my reply to
you. Nice thorough chronology. Selective citation: it seems you've accused
others of that as well.



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