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Hogan) wrote:

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>>On 25 Sep 1998 20:47:08 GMT, carlton at walleye.ccbr.umn.edu (Carlton
>>Hogan) wrote:
>>>One more comment: If you are in fact a dentist, and believe that 
>>>presence of antibodies means you have conquered an infection
>>>(counter examples: syphilis, herpes, hepatitis and most damningly
>>>leishmaniasis, leprosy and schistomasiasis, where higher antibody
>>>titers are prognostic for WORSE clinical outcome) then I am very concerned
>>>for your patients. Such staggering ignorance in a medical professional
>>>is outrageous.
>>now who's guilty of handwaving!jb
>Simple yes/no question: do you believe that the presence of pathogen-binding 
>antibodies  automatically mean that the pathogen has been "conquered"
>by the host?
If you'll answer with a simple yes or no to the question that i have,
I'll do the same for you.  Has or has not the AIDS establishment
focused on the lack of immune protection from an HIV positive status
been determined by the conclusion that these HIV antibodies are
"non-neutralizing"  thus exempt from the rule of protection?  Jb

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