DNA Vaccine and Immune response

Joe Chandler mbiotec at maine.rr.com
Wed Sep 30 07:15:48 EST 1998

A couple of thoughts:
1. Is it possible that the level of protein epression is now equivilent to
the level of antibody expression.  Thus, all the antibody is cleared as
ag/ab complex.
Or, 2.  how can you be sure that there is still expression of the viral
antigens.  Have you continued to immunize the mice with the DNA vector?
[Curious to hear from others as we are initiating a DNA immunization
program here.]

vinsin at my-dejanews.com wrote in article
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> Dear Friends,
> I have been using DNA vaccine against a viral infection in a murine
> Initially I got good humoral response which is now not being generated.
> Suggestions invited.
> Thank you in advance.
> Vinay
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