B-cell/T-cell interaction

viggo vigor at uia.ua.ac.be
Fri Aug 27 09:03:43 EST 1999

I don't know about the detachment but isn't it so that a B-cell cannot turn
on naive T cells as only a dendritic cell can do this (Fuchs EJ et al.
Science (1992) vol 258: 1156-1159)? According to Matzinger, B-cells induce
tolerance in naive T cells...

James Good wrote in message ...
>After a B-cell has taken up antigen, processed it, acquired costimulatory
>ability and activated a naive T-cell, can that same T-cell, while still
>bound to the B-cell, induce proliferation and class switching? Or must the
>T-cell detach and another, at a later stage, give T-cell help?

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