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Yoram A. Puius puius at MEDUSA.BIOC.AECOM.YU.EDU
Thu Dec 2 16:43:51 EST 1999

Several postdoctoral positions for trained Protein Crystallographers
are available at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
The areas of interest include: 

1.  Inhibitor Design.  The design and analysis of tight binding transition
state inhibitors for the hydrolases and phosphorylases involved in
nucleoside and nucleotide metabolism are being pursued with Vern Schramm
(Albert Einstein) and Charles Grubmeyer (Temple University).  These
projects are directed towards the development of therapeutic agents for a
number of medically relevant areas, including malaria, sleeping sickness,
graft rejection and tumor suppression. 

2.  Synthetic Blood Substitutes.  The design of synthetic blood
substitutes is being pursued with Chien Ho (Carnegie Mellon University). 
This program combines high resolution crystallography, NMR spectroscopy
and site directed mutagenesis for the development of mutant hemoglobins
that demonstrate low oxygen affinity, high cooperativity and stable
tetramer formation in a cell free environment. 

3.  Immune Response.  In collaboration with Stan Nathenson (Albert
Einstein) we are investigating the structural mechanisms responsible for
regulation of the immune response.  In particular, there is considerable
focus on understanding the biological role of the numerous co-stimulatory
factors involved in T-cell activation; the mechanisms of antigen
presentation by the immune system; and the mechanisms by which viral
pathogens escape surveillance by the immune system.  In addition to
crystallographic analysis this program provides ample opportunity to gain
experience in eukaryotic protein expression systems and protein chemistry. 

4.  Structural Genomics.  In collaboration with Rockefeller University and
the Biology Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory we have
established a program for high throughput protein expression,
purification, crystallization and structure solution.  The progress of
this program can be viewed on our website at 

All of these positions provide the opportunity to acquire skills in
molecular biology, protein expression, protein chemistry, spectroscopy and
cell biology.  The Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the greater New
York area provides an extraordinarily strong environment for structural
biology.  The College administers two beamlines, X9A and X9B, at
Brookhaven National Laboratory with dedicated MAD capabilities.  The
College also has outstanding facilites for NMR, time-resolved
fluorescence, IR and resonance Raman spectroscopies.  The New York
Structural Biology Center located in NY City will house the largest NMR
facility in the country, including six 800 MHz and five 600 MHz

Please do not respond to the poster of this message.
Interested candidates should contact

Steve Almo
Dept. of Biochemistry,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Ave, Bronx, NY 10461. 
Phone: (718) 430-2746, FAX: (718) 430-8565
e-mail: almo at

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