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Hi, Transfer Factor is a natural food supplement
that comes from colostrum. Not only does
Colostrum contain properties of normal milk, this
rich liquid also possesses immune system
qualities. These Transfer Factor molecules are
seperated from the colostrum using a patented
advanced filtration process. During this
process,the fat cells present in the colostrum
are also removed along with precipitative
proteins, many of which are the cause of allergic
reactions in some people.This filtration process
results in a fluid which is virtually free of any
potentially allergenic materials. From this
fluid,the Transfer Factor molecules can be
further filtered.Once isolated , the Transfer
Factor material is encapsulated in gelitin
In essence, Transfer Factor strengthens and aids
the immune system by delivering vital
immunological information from one source to a
recipient. This valuable information educates the
new cells by teaching them to deal with an attack
by disease or infection. If you would like
further details please e-mail me or visit my site
and view new announcements on the site to see a
recent independent study on the increase of the
NK cells in response to live Cancer cells. This
study reveals some interesting results. . Thanks In article
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> What exactly is the Tranfer factor?  Where can
I get some If I want to
> study it??
> Narayana R Isola
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
> Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6378
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