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>Hi all,
>I would like to inquire; how long the memory cells last in the mice
>twords a certain antigen, is that depend upon the mouse and how
>susceptible it is twords a certain pathogen? is that depend upon the
>sort of the antigen? any help will be appreciable,

There were back-to-back papers in the Nov 12 issue of Science looking at
the persistence of memory T cells and the requirements for their survival.
Murali-Krishna et al. (Science 286, pp1377-1381) found that memory CD8+ T
cells can survive for over 6 months in adoptive transfer experiments, even
in the absence of MHC or antigen.  Swain et al. (Science 286, pp1381-1383)
saw similar results with CD4+ memory T cells, although the analysis was
less detailed, and they only looked out to 70 days.

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