Post Doctoral Position

Geoffrey M Thiele gthiele at
Mon Feb 1 11:58:25 EST 1999

A post-doctoral research position (NIH-funded) is available in the labortories of Drs. Lynell W. Klassen and
Geoffrey M. Thiele.  These researchers are part of a very active and well-funded group of investigators located at the
Omaha VA Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  The research centers around the
immune response to proteins modified with metabolites of ethanol (protein-hapten carrier conjugate related
studies).  Specifically, the research investigates the antigen processing and presentation of these modified
proteins to the immune system, and the possible role they may play in the development and/or progression of
alcoholic liver disease.   If interested or if information is desired, please contact Geoffrey M. Thiele, Ph.D. at:

	Phone:	(402) 346-8800, Extention 3550
	FAX:	(402) 449-0604
	e-mail:	LTHIELE at

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