2nd IL10-Workshop

Grant Gallagher gqva12 at UDCF.GLA.AC.UK
Thu Feb 4 10:43:59 EST 1999


I am writing to inform you of the latest developments in the 2nd IL-10

Firstly, thanks to all of you who have sent in abstracts and also those
of you who have registered already. It's good to see that there is so
much interest in the meeting.

Secondly, because of the level of interest, we have extended the
abstract deadline until the 15th of March in the belief that this will
allow more of you to bring your most recent results to Milan.  If you've
sent an abstract, why not send another?

Please register and submit your abstracts through the Web-Pages.


The Workshop is organised around five sessions:
1) IL-10 in the clinic,
2) Structure and Function of IL-10 and the IL-10 receptor,
3) In vitro IL-10 biology,
4) In vivo IL-10 biology (mouse),
5) In vivo IL-10 biology (human).

These are very broad categories and so there are no real restrictions on
the suitability of one area of work or another - if you're working on
IL-10 then your work will be relevant to the meeting.

There are some very good Keynote Speakers, many of whom are not usually
found at smaller, less formal events in Europe, such as the 2nd IL-10

Distinguished guests include:
Paul Grint, Satwant Narula, Christian Larsen, Kevin Moore, Robert
Schreiber, Ray Donnelly, Anne O'Garra, Alberto Mantovani, Marco
Cassatella, Robert Coffman, Bruce Blazar, Mark Stearns, Charles Elson,
Lois Llorente and Tom Huizinga.

So - we hope that you will come to Milan and that you will being your
students and fellows,too. The first IL-10 workshop in Glasgow was a
success and this one will be even better from every point of view.

Finally, might we ask you all to send this email on to any person,
newsgroup, society or organisation you think might have an interest in
IL-10? Thanks.

Grant Gallagher
Maria-Grazia Roncarolo

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