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klinseeb at usz.unizh.ch klinseeb at usz.unizh.ch
Thu Feb 11 10:01:43 EST 1999

Postdoctoral position

Workplace:	University Hospital Zurich
		Department of Internal Medicine
		Transplantation Immunology Laboratory

Keywords: Immunology, NK cells, Endothelial cells, Transplantation Biology,

Description: The aim of the project is to describe the molecular mechanisms
iinvolved in xenotransplant rejection. In particular the response of human NK
cells to porcine endothelial cells is studied in vitro. (see J. Immunol. 1997,
159:3655). Methods include tissue culture of human and porcine cells,
immunological bioassays, flow cytometry and molecular biology.

Position is available for 2-3 years, salary according to Swiss National
Science Foundation standards (approx.60'000Sfr/year)

Education: Highly motivated candidates with a PhD, MD degree (or equivalent),
experienced in molecular and cell biology; a longstanding interest and work
experience in immunology and/or NK cell biology would be advantageous

Beginning: spring/summer 1999

Contact address: 	Dr. Jorg Seebach
		University Hospital Zürich
		Department of Internal Medicine
		Med. Klinik A, C HOER 31
		Raemistrasse 100
		CH-8091 Zurich, Switzerland

		Tel +41-1-255 4134
		Fax +41-1-255 4445
		e-mail: klinseeb at usz.unizh.ch

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