Isolation Monocytes

Michael J. Richards richarmj at
Fri Feb 12 09:47:53 EST 1999

For PBMC I have used just the standard ficoll/hypaque type gradient on whole
blood diluted 50/50 with 150mM saline. This can then be followed by using a
percoll(pharmacia) type gradient.

Conny Stuelten wrote:

> I am trying to isolate monocytes from human PBMC with density gradients. In
> the beginning I have used OptiPrep-gradient and obtained a
> purification from 60%. Now I utilize an Iopromid-gradient (Biochrom) with
> the density 1,068 g/l, but I got no results (no seperation). Has anyone
> worked with Iopromid-gradient or with another Monocyte-gradient?
> Thanks Conny

Michael J. Richards
Research Biochemist

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