Lymphocyte subset separation w/Biomag

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> Our lab is trying to find a way to purify B and T cell subsets using
> magnetic separation. We are currently using Biomag particles conjugated to
> goat-anti rat Ab to make B, CD4+, and CD8+ from mouse spleen and lymph node.
> The procedure is faster and cheaper (the magnet is much smaller and it
> accomodates 6 microcentrifuge tubes, 1 15cc tube or 1 50cc tube) than the
> MACS system but the purity and yield is not optimal. Does anyone have any
> tips to increase the purity or the yield of this method?

We've tried both Biomag and Dynabeads... Dynabeads turned out to be more
efficient no matter how we used them. Both are much cheaper than MACS.
Efficiency using the Dynabeads standard protocol was high enough so we
didn't spend much time messing with the conditions to add another half
percent to the mean purity after depletion...


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