Antibody response to tetanus

mark mark.haynes at
Wed Feb 17 19:58:53 EST 1999

Jay Mone' wrote:
> You don't want to use your 7 month old to find out!  Tetanus is caused
> by a toxin produced by the growing C tetani bacteria.  If there is
> enough toxin in the infant's bloodstream to induce immunity, it is a
> sure bet that there will be a sufficient amount to produce disease.
> It takes several days to weeks to mount a protective immune response
> to a first exposure to toxin.  By this time the bacteria will have
> produced sufficient toxin to produce clinical disease in this infant.
> Jay Mone'

Quite true but it is interesting that when I first took immunology the 
feeling was that infants don't make ab for some time and now it is 
documented that IgM can actually be made in utero.

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