Cytomegalovirus IgG and IgM please help!!

Lea Johnson clearfuture at
Thu Feb 18 22:10:10 EST 1999

I am not a researcher-- just a wild guess: is your wife RH-? This can
cause blood problems with gamma globulin, according to my experience in
pregnancy. That's all I know, sorry.

If no one answers, search the web like a fiend. It may turn something

Good luck,

Lea Johnson

mdeangeli at wrote:
> HHi, my wife  is pregnant and she did the exams for th cytomegalovirus. Since
> the IgG titer is above the threshold for positiveness and both IgG and IgM
> are descending with time, we are worried that our baby has been  exposed to
> the virus in the first weeks of pregnancy and develop problems in the first
> years of life. Could you please  have a look at these titers and give us some
> feedback?
> Wife's age: 30 years (may help in evaluating the probability of a first vs
> subsequent infections)
> IgG and IgM titers:
> DATE       IgG    IgM   unit
> 05-Oct-98   37     20   E.U./ml
> 09-Dec-98   35     13   E.U./ml
> 17-Dec-98   29     10   E.U./ml
> 08-Feb-99   23.5    5   E.U./ml
> Thresholds ( they depends on the test method so I include them for reference):
> IgG is considered negative below 18 and positive above 23
> IgM is considered negative below 30 and positive above 40
> The pregnancy started around 20-Aug-98.
> Here are the questions:
> 1. If you look at the titers you can extrapolate a descending curve:
> does it mean that my wife has been recently exposed to the virus?
> 2. Can you identify the exact period of time when the virus was active and
> understand if it happened  before or after the 20-Aug-98 ?
> 3. Is is possible to distinguish between a first exposure to the virus and
> a second one? I think that we should not see the IgG positiveness
> the first time you get in contact with the CMV.Only IgM should raise(?)
> Thank you very much for all the info and help you can give us.
> Marco
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