Feeder Cell Alternatives?

Joe Chandler mbiotec at maine.rr.com
Mon Feb 22 16:40:18 EST 1999

I would try adding 10 - 20% conditioned medium.  (Draw off medium from your
myeloma cells after 48 hours of growth or when the cells are between 5 and
10e5/mL.)  Spin out the cells and pass the sup through a 0.22uM filter. 
Add this to your medium and you may find close to equivalent results during
cloning.  This does not appear to work for rat x mouse hybridomas, btw.  I
also add 1% HL-1 Supplement (BioWhittaker) to the medium if I think the
cells are going to be fastideous.
Good luck.

helgrimte <nono at none.com> wrote in article <7as4tn$c1u3 at news.abbott.com>...
> Does anyone know of any type of media that would be a good alternative to

> adding spleen feeder cells during the cloning process of hybridomas?? I
> it can be done with out the feeders but the number of sample are greatly 
> reduced. I'm looking for some tyoe of alternative that could be added to
> promote clone growth.
> Thanks
> Brian Hess

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