B7 expression in dendritic cells

Claudio A. Mosse cam4y at virginia.edu
Thu Feb 25 20:27:08 EST 1999

Try treating the BMDC with TNF-alpha, LPS or cross-linking CD40.  This should
activate and mature your BMDC.  B7.1 expression is often not very high
(depending upon your antibody of course!) while B7.2 can be much higher.

    Tim Bullock; tb5v at virginia.edu

Geoffrey M Thiele wrote:

> I have made dendritic cells by methods found in current protocols (mouse BM
> cells and GM-CSF).  I want to use the cells to find the upregulation of B7
> expression.  The cells appear to be immature (low class II expression) and
> further subculturing does not increase this.  The cells do express CD11c a
> great deal.  Any suggestions as to solving the problem of immature cells?

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