Small peptides and antibody production?

Nanci E Donacki nanci_e_d at
Mon Jan 11 17:19:54 EST 1999

I have had a lot of experience using small peptides for monoclonal antibody
production.  Typically I've used these conjugated to various protein
carriers - BSA, KLH, ovalbumin, bovine thyroglybulin - using either
glutaraldehyde or EDCI for the conjugation procedure.

Any of these combinations will yield anti-peptide antibodies.  It is best to
screen on peptide conjugated to a different carrier molecule using a
different coupling agent.  This way you will pick up only the anti-peptide

There are a variety of published procedures for optimum conjugations and

Nanci E Donacki
Research Manager

Warren D. Spivack wrote in message ...
>Does anyone have experience in using small peptides as immunogens?
>We have a sequence only 10 aa in length that we need to have synthesized
>and used as immunogen in rabbits. From our investigation, either
>conjugation to a carrier protein or production of a MAP (Multiple Antigen
>Peptide) would be preferable to introducing the single peptide to the
>animal's immune system.
>Has enyone had success using either/both procedure(s)? Which worked better?
>Please reply to wdspiv at
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