The best immunology text

Michael Meredith michael.meredith at
Thu Jul 8 05:36:54 EST 1999

Fundamental Immunology - WAY TOO HARD (for the beginner)

Have you thought about Immunology by Janis Kuby . Great book, easy to
read with excellent diagrams. Abbas - 'Cellular and Molecular Immunology'
is also readable.

Alternatively, you could holdout for the on-line immunology course we are
developing here in Oxford. It will cover all aspects of Immunology with
molecular imaging, animations, diagrams, study questions, experimental
design,  lectures with audio and visual and links to Immunology Today and
other on-line journals. We will also offer on-line tutorial and IT

Enjoy your new subject.


wtc wrote:

> Hi:
> I am looking a good immunology text for self study: not for beginner,
> and should be clear and readable...
> Need your suggestions..
> Thanks

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