The danger of "Danger"

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>Although I agree with your conclusion, I don't think these are good
>arguments in its favour.
>You make two general points.  Let me take them in reverse.  First, I don't
>think that stable transfections or grafts would count as "self" in
>Forsdyke's argument.  It would have to be proteins appropriate for that
>individual, and in neither case is that true.  So their rejection is not
>applicable to his model.

If one is trying to argue that individual APC, rather than external
aspects of the immune system, are determining self vs. non-self, then
what is appropriate for the *organism* is not what is important, but
rather what is appropriate for the *cell*.  Thus, the strong rejection of
tissue grafts (especially those with minor mismatches, such as H-Y) poses
a real problem.  Further, stable transfection is an in vitro model of
transgenesis - mice with tissue-specific expression of "non-self"
transgenes do not develop autoimmune diseases, but instead often become
systemically tolerant to the transgenic antigen (the immune system has
thus treated a peripheral "non-appropriate" protein as self).

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