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Dr. Octavian Schatz schatz at pk-i.med.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Jun 15 02:51:12 EST 1999

historic: principle of vaccination (Dr. Jenner and the milkmaid ...)

modern: diversity of antibodies (cf. publications by Tonegawa et al.)

but this is a personal rating :-)

Hiroki Negishi schrieb:

> How are you.
> Hiroki Negishi
> I am student of immunology.
> 9jmrm at is.icc.u-tokai.ac.jp
> Please my question.
> What do you think most great invention
> in immunology.
> Please tell me your thinking.
> Hiroki Negihshi
> immunology
> 9jmrm007 at is.icc.u-tokai.ac.jp



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