Idiopathic Chronic dermatitis

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Hi Scott,
Well, the only thing I can tell you about the allergy testing, is, is that
when your RAST test for latex came back negative it could have been wrong.
My son was tested RAST for latex and it was negative, but then our
allergist, who is world known, said she wanted to test him with the prick
test.  BOOM, he was positive.  She said the skin test is more sensitive than
rast testing.  Just make sure when you test that you don't have any
antihystimines for at least 3-4 days prior, they can give false negatives.

Secondly, the creams you reffered to can have long lasting damaging effects.
First of all you can develop a sensitivity/allergy to them.  Secondly, using
thim for more than a couple of weeks can cause thinning of the skin which in
turn will cause more scaring and also diminish the skins protective
abilities.  I learned this information from our second dermatologist for my
son after his first one had him on 7 different steroid creams/ointments and
also betamethazone solution.  The integraty of his skin has been compromised
so much that he can get a simple tiny scratch infected.  And he has scars
from all the rashes he has had too.  So PLEASE, be careful.

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Scott wrote in message <3765E48C.B20BB2DB at home.com>...
>I have had for nearly 3 years a moderate to severe dermatitis on both
>hands.  Only the palmar surface of the fingers are affected, with
>occasional spreading to the palms.  Tiny blisters form that rupture
>through the skin and create tiny open sores that heel slowly.  At times
>my hands have become lichonified with thick, irritable skin.  The onset
>of this dermatitis did not accompany any changes in my life or home.  No
>detergents, soaps, clothing, furniture, etc. were changed either.
>    I have been worked up by an immunologist who told me that he did not
>know what the cause was treated me empirically with a steroid cream.  I
>was tested for every allergen that he ( the immunologist) suspected.
>Now, I am a medical student and the obvious suspect is latex.  However,
>I have tested negative for a latex RAST, and the symptoms seem to be
>independent of glove type, size, latex v. non latex, powdered v non
>powdered, etc...  It does not seem to matter if have been wearing gloves
>alot or not.
>QUESTION #1    Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing
>this?  Or has anyone seen someone with some kind of hypersensitivity
>that is limited to only a portion of the hands?
>Question#2  What are the possible side effects of long-term
>corticosteroid cream (fluocinonide 0.1%) application to the hands, as it
>seems I may be forced to use this for years to come?
>Thank you for your help

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