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aalwan aalwan at squ.edu.om
Tue Jun 22 16:04:24 EST 1999

Dear every body;
Recently, I started a new job in Oman at  the Department of  Immunology
(University/diagnostic lab).  The lab performs the assays for
Autoantibodies with room for expansion into other assays.
There is a great opportunity to do some research and it is  encouraged
very much especially if it is clinically related.  I have been asked to
submit a proposal for research, either short ones for the final year
projects as well as “long” projects in order to get some finance.
Any advice in this area?.  Can any one suggest any research project,
perhaps repeating studies on the Omani population (There is no published
studies on patients of this part of the word) or may be to do some
collaborative study.


Dr. Adel Alwan

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