Scott yourhouse at dinnertime.org
Thu Jun 24 01:50:11 EST 1999

you should be able to get more than enough.  I can get 12.8X10^6 from 5ml
of rat blood.  Are you using percoll or lymphocyte M?

kay wrote:

> I am trying to sort out naive T cells (CD45RA+). This is a subset of
> PBMC,of CD3+T cells of CD3+CD4+ T cells.  Last time, I did not get
> enough cells from 17ml of blood for my stimulation experiment ( I need
> at least 2,500,000.  I need to know the number of lymphocytes in say a
> ml of blood and the percentage of each subset I should expect out of
> that number.  That way I can save myself some BLOOD, sweat and tears.

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