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Tue Jun 29 03:49:42 EST 1999

Scott <tscottd at home.com> a écrit dans le message :
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> read P. Matzinger's Danger hypothesis
> Pierre wrote:
> > Wondering whether signals (antigen signal, danger signal ...) could
exert a
> > true selective constraint on immune cells , I tried something else. It
> > based on the idea that cells had no idea of the global immune function
> > were doing nothing else than satisfying their metabolic needs. It leads
> > interesting redefinition of many immunological concepts and still fit
> > experimental observations, in my opinion. The full text is available
> > on-line. Your critics are welcome ...
> >
> > http://www.heraclitean.com/hbg/essays/immunometab_sonigo/
> >
> > Abstract :The clonal selection of cells in the immune system is
> > as a paradigmatic model of Darwinism at the cell level. However, it
> > prior instruction of cells during embryogenesis and signals, concepts
> > usually attached to instructive models. A more radical Darwinian
> > considers cells as selfish elements constrained directly by the nature
> > abundance of metabolic resources present in the antigen. As in
> > models, multicellular order in the immune system is thus driven by the
> > structure of alimentary or metabolic networks. I examine here whether
> > adaptation to metabolic resources at the cell level in the absence of
> > cooperation is sufficient to explain immunological facts such as clonal
> > selection, vaccination, self/non-self recognition, antigen presentation,
> > cytokine network, glucocorticoid action and apoptosis.

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