Zheng Lei zheng.lei at ioc.unibe.ch
Mon Mar 8 08:00:46 EST 1999

I am wanting to producing Fab from a Mab with immoblized papain(SIGMA
product). But MS result shows
that papain overdigested Mab, and 5 peaks(1 big and 4 little)appeared. I
used papain as 1:10. Could you give me any suggestion about digestion of
Ab by papain and how to control papain action?
Thank you very much for your help. My email address:
zheng.lei at ioc.unibe.ch

Lei Zheng
Dept.Chemistry and biochemistry
Univ. Bern
Tel Number: 0041-31-6314335
Email: zheng.lei at ioc.unibe.ch

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