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Design Principles for the Immune System and Other Distributed Autonomous

Workshop July 11-16, 1999
Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This workshop will focus on the principles that guide the effective
operation of distributed autonomous systems, with a strong but not
exclusive emphasis on the immune system. Topics include: design
principles for the immune system; problems of effector choice in the
immune system and other distributed autonomous systems; and
organization of signaling networks in these systems.  Senior program
faculty include:

Eric Bonabeau, Santa Fe Institute
Irun Cohen, Immunology, Weizmann Institute
Rob DeBoer, Theoretical Biology, Utrecht University
Stephanie Forrest, Computer Science, University of New Mexico
Ellen Goldberg, Santa Fe Institute
Deborah Gordon, Biological Sciences, Stanford University
Alan Perelson, Theoretical Biology/ Biophysics, Los Alamos National
Melanie Mitchell, Adaptive Computation, Santa Fe Institute
John Ross, Chemistry, Stanford University
Lee Segel, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Weizmann Institute
Eli Sercarz, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology
Alan Sher, Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases, National Institutes of
Samuel Silverstein, Physiology and Cell Biophysics, Columbia University

Approximately twenty junior participants will be selected to attend,
based on competitive applications.  Travel support and living expenses
will be provided.

To apply as a junior participant (PhD students and postdocs): All
applicants should submit a cv, list of publications, statement of
research interests. They should arrange for two letters of
recommendation to be sent directly (by postal mail) to 

Immune System Workshop 
Christine Gonzales 
Santa Fe Institute
1399 Hyde Park Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. 

Application deadline is May 1, 1999. Incomplete applications will not
be considered. For additional information see 

Questions can be addressed to cg at

Christine Gonzales
Program Coordinator
(505) 984-8800 ext. 235
Fax. 982-0565

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