Using citrated plasma in MLR

forsdyke forsdyke at
Fri Mar 19 11:58:34 EST 1999

Derek Gray wrote:
 However, I am interested in
> using higher concentrations of the serum and at concentrations of 20
> percent or higher the calcium concentration will be way outside the
> normal range.  So far it looks as though this promotes even higher
> activation of T-cells.  Interestingly I cannot find any publication
> listing the effect of high  extra-cellular calcium concentration on T
> cell activation on Medline (I guess relevant publications may pre-date
> Medline), but from the knowledge that calcium influx is crucial to
> T-cell activation I presume the effect would be enhancing. 

   John Kay at the University of Sussex, did a lot of work on this. See
for example "Interaction of Lymphocytes and PHA: inhibition by chelating
agents"  (1971) Experimental Cell Research 68, 11-16.

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