Full anaphylactic shock in response to trace antibiotics

Rob Fletcher rpf1 at york.ac.uk
Tue Mar 23 06:13:14 EST 1999


The food allergy group have not seen anything ...

Has anyone had, know of someone etc who has had a full anaphylactic
shock episode which has been proved to be due to trace antibiotics in
food chain - specifically in meat or milk (or milk products).

I am being treated by a consultant who believes this to be the case.
(This is an ordinary hospital consultant, not a "quack" or whatever).

I have has 3 episodes in the past 2 months (requiring A&E visits).

RAST tests show I am not allergic to normal foods, dairy products,
dogs/cats, fleas, dust mites, etc etc ... (bit fed up of all the 
blood letting!).

My normal allergic response is rated near the bottom of the normal
range (near to dropping below it), i.e. I am not a very "allergic"

I have never been allergic to anything in my life until 3 years ago
whan I had a very "spotty" reaction to amoxycillin (which presented
about 5 days into a 7 day course of tablets).

Any clues or help much appreciated. (Being put on a vegan diet with all
high salicylate foods out as well is a pain ... only leaf veg, potato,
rice etc, only water to drink ... no fresh fruit or other veg).



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