need advice on Polymyositis

Claus Meisel cmeisel at
Mon Mar 22 23:56:46 EST 1999

Hi you all,

I am searching the Internet for my friend who is a Contractor and the only
provider of his family and in major pain for 9 weeks now.
It started with a shoulder pain and the doctor prescribed him Relafen and
After a couple of days he began to feel worst. The pains moved from shoulder
to every part of his body. He stopped taking the drugs ( he is a old fashion
guy who doesn't believe in drugs at all ).
Now, after month he is not better but worst.
He has major pain in his knee's and arms, he can't bend down or raise his
arms up, he has low energy, is tired all the time, he turns on the heat all
the time now because he feels cold, something he also never did before.
He still works but can't really do much. He says he feels stiff in the
mornings, can't sleep at night.
He says that not his joints hurt but the muscle.
First we got him health coverage, which will kick in in April. I began to
read up on his symptoms and Polymyositis sounds like a possibility.
I am curious to hear more about this illness and the symptoms.
My friend is a 50 year old male.
I am worried about him. I like his family a lot and he is very bad in
dealing with illnesses because he has never been sick. He doesn't face that
this problem might be serious and that he might never go back to the way he
I am thankful for any input & Advice regarding Polymyositis.

Thanks so much for your help,


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