how can I cultire m,onocytes?

Jay and Nancy Mone jaymone at PAONLINE.COM
Wed Mar 24 06:51:21 EST 1999

If you're talking about peripheral blood mononuclear cells, trhe simplest 
way  is to separate the mononuclear fraction using centrifugation through 
Histpopaque.  The mononuclear cells can be harvested and cultured at 1 x 
10(6) cells/ml in MEM with 10% FBS, glutamine, and non-essential amino 
acids.  Monocyte/macrophages will adhere to the surface of the flask, and 
the lymphocytes won't.  Besides, the lymphocytes will die in a few days 
without any IL-2.  You can confirm the identity of the cells using a 
non-specific esterase stain, which will be positive for macrophages.

Jay Mone'

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