Full anaphylactic shock in response to trace antibiotics

Jay and Nancy Mone jaymone at PAONLINE.COM
Wed Mar 24 21:06:31 EST 1999

If your consultant beleives that you are allergic to trace antibiotics in 
foods, he/she should be able to show you peer-reveiwed articles 
describing this phenomenon in other individuals.  My quess is that these 
articles don't exist.  I am not familiar with any reports of allergic 
reactions being traced back to this source.
If your consultant cannot produce these articles, then he/she is merely 
spouting his/her own unjustified beliefs, and is doing you and others a 
disservice by being an authoritative source of misinformation.
By the way, if you do find respectable articles on this subject, I would 
be interested in seeing them.  Write me with the references if you have 
time.  Thanks.

Jay Mone'

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