Full anaphylactic shock in response to trace antibiotics

Rob Fletcher rpf1 at york.ac.uk
Thu Mar 25 09:38:57 EST 1999

Jay and Nancy Mone wrote:
> By the way, if you do find respectable articles on this subject, I would
> be interested in seeing them.  Write me with the references if you have
> time.  Thanks.

Some articles, and brief synopses.


Allerg-Immunol-Paris. 1994 May; 26(5): 181-3

Case study. 64 yr old full shock to pork and beef meat. No allergy to
the animal protein. Highly sensitive to penicillin. Conclude that
food iunduced anaphylaxis, linked to penicillin residues in meat, is
highly plasible.

Allergy. 1981 Oct; 36(7):471-8

Trial of 9 penicillin allergic volunteers. Given pork containing 
penicillin. 2 reported "itchy sensations", 7 nothing.
IgE antibodies assayed by RAST at 2 and 24 hours showed an increased
level, but BPO-specific IgG antibodies remained unchanged.  Conclusion,
hidden amounts of penicillin in the food seldom induce anaphylactic
reactions in penicillin allergic patients.

Food-Chem-Toxicol. 1991 Jul; 29(7): 477-83

Risk assessment of antibiotic residues ... in food products.

Only found 10 cases in 25 years of reaction to penicillin in milk, and
were all skin rash type. Also, oral route is less sensitizing etc ...
Also, because of penicillin producing moulds in nature, and the use of 
beta-lactam antibiotics, assessment of the minimal risk is probably 
not possible.

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