Immune Response

Alec Redwood aredwood at
Thu Mar 25 01:25:40 EST 1999

> Acctualy I believe the inflammatory response is a necassary component of a
> vaccination.  It has been described by one immunologist (don't recall who)
> as immunology's dirty little secret.  This is because immunity is believed
> to be the province of T-cells.  However you need APC and even if you don't
> believ P. Matzingers model (ie danger) some mechanism for activating the
> APC is  needed.  This is provided by  local inflammation.  That is
> probably why complete Freunds works better than incomplete.  Better
> inflammation.  It is a problem for vaccination as most people don't want a
> huge scar from the inflammatory response.  This is still an area of debate
> and it seams at least to me that the innate component of immunity is a
> much under recognised area.  In fact there are some interesting theories
> going around about the interactions of the memory and innate immune
> responses.

see ya

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