Glycosylation and Mab production

Chris Weir cweir at RNA.BIO.MQ.EDU.AU
Tue Mar 30 00:45:25 EST 1999

Hi all,
  I hoping someone out there maybe able to give me some ideas.  I 
am currently making antibodies to a protein which has high levels of 
glycosylation.  I have made several mAbs now to the glycosylated 
section but want to make some to the non-glycosylated section. It 
appears that the glycosylated section is immunodominant. I was 
thinking of using sodium periodate to remove the glycosylation and 
hopefully expose the other antigens (and get mabs to them) but if 
anyone has any other ideas/suggestions it would be greatly 

Thanks in advance
Chris Weir
Australian Envirionmental Flow Cytometry Group
School of Biological Sciences
Macquarie University
Sydney, NSW, 2109
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fax 61 2 98508253
email: cweir at au

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