Block Fc Receptor on Monocytes

Paula plaver at
Wed Mar 31 09:06:44 EST 1999

We do a lot of flow cytometry with various cell lines, PBL and purified T
cells.  Since we often use a Goat-anti-Mouse (Fab) secondary antibody, we
routinely block Fc receptors with 10% Goat serum. This eliminates pretty
much all of the non-specific binding.

Paula Lavery
Transplant Immunology Laboratory
Royal Victoria Hospital
McGill University

Josie H. Fox wrote in message <7dpd0f$26n$1 at>...
>Does anyone have any suggestions on how you could effectively block Fc
>Receptors on human monocytes, besides using hIgG?
>Any information you could provide would be most helpful.
>Thanks, Jo

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