IL-1: altered production and/or altered response to it

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Wed Mar 31 20:58:08 EST 1999


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Frank LeFever) writes: 
>From time to time, I post this query:
>Any info re long-term changes in (1) readiness to produce IL-1, and/or
>(2) response to IL-1?
>(Of course, changes in IL-1ra relevant as well)
>Particularly interested in brain IL-1, but findings re any other sites
>of production or response gratefully received.  Did manage to locate
>one Russian study; relevant in principle, but involved rather unusual
>conditions, so of limited genralizability.
>By long-term, I mean something on the order of months, at least;
>yet, years.
>Something ANALOGOUS to immunological memory?  But I'd settle for
>evidence of Pavlovian conditioning  (asked Ader about the latter,
>he agreed ws a rational possibility, but even he knew of no relevant
>Prefer data, but will welcome speculations, suggested
>dimensions/avenues of inquiry.
>F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
>New York Neuropsychology Group

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