Charter of Bionet.immunology

forsdyke forsdyke at post.queensu.ca
Tue May 4 11:02:06 EST 1999

The Bionet.immunology Newsgroup was voted on in June 1992 with 102 votes
for and none against. The following is the initial charter:

Topics of interest would be:
   Mechanism of self/not-self discrimination
   Evolution and role of MHC polymorphism
   Two signal hypotheses
   Education of T cells
   Education of B cells
   T cell and B cell cooperation
   G0/G1 switch to activate ICCs (immunologically competent cells)
   Mechanisms of ICC deletion or suppression
   T cell receptors
   B cell receptors
   Signal transduction pathways
   Parasite strategies to avoid the immune response
   Why does a placental mammal not reject the fetal "graft"
   Relationship of heat-shock response to intracellular self      
   Mechanism of action of cyclosporine
   The acute phase response
   Role of fever in infections- positive or negative?

Sincerely, Donald Forsdyke, Discussion Leader.

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