Cell Population Kinetics

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Hi, I posted a message a few days ago concerning my potential research topics
in radiobiology and radiation chemistry, and I have heard from a few people.
Thanks! I am currently brushing up on my knowledge of cell population
kinetics but in this review I am encountering some trouble. If anyone can
help please write me at francis_kuttner at hotmail.com. Thank you. ~Francis

1. Why are oxic cells more radiosensitive to apoptosis than anoxic cells? 2.
Why do radiosensitizing effects of oxygen disappear at high doses of
radiation? 3. Deletion of the Rb gene in myc. Decreases survival? Increases
apoptosis? 4. Deletion of the cyclin D gene in ras cells. Decreases survival?
Decreases apoptosis? 5. Overexpression of the cyclin B gene in ras and myc
cells. Same survival as in controls? Increases apoptosis? 6. From the
viewpoint of effects on apoptosis, a decrease in the cellular supply of ATP
should decrease cell survival? 7. Why does the repair saturation model as
presented mathematically and experimentally fail as a comprehensive model of
cell killing?

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