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ghengizk at my-dejanews.com ghengizk at my-dejanews.com
Tue May 4 21:39:01 EST 1999

Dear fellow bionet users

This message is obviously spam,  and almost certainly a scam.

The poster's e-mail address appears to be forged,  as does the Message-id.
(Use full header option in your reader to confirm).

The named server does not exist at Nottingham by reverse DNS or whois?

The telephone number quoted is in Chile.  "900" is not a code for a city or
townin Chile. It appears to be a premium-rate phone number.  The rate for
local 900- series premium-rate numbers in the UK is typically £0.5-£1.00 per
minute (to which one must add the intl. connection rate).  The 15 min.
telephone call suggested in the message could cost up to 10 times the $6-8
cited by the poster.

Excuse the pseudonym but I do not wish to be (again) a target fo retaliation
and have my personal/professional e-mail addresses mailbombed!

To reply remove the "nospam" from the cited (real <g>) e-mail address:

ghengizkNOSPAM at yahoo.com

In article <19990503316NAA36589 at bumretde.munkuey.de>,
  deha95 at AELIAN.GEOG.NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK (rwegyua) wrote:
> Hello.  This is the answer to :
> $$$ QUICK MONEY $$$

><garbage snipped>

> I'm sending you this offer because we have corresponded in the past,
> or because you have been referred to me as someone who is interested
> in business opportunities.  If this message has reached you in error,
> please accept my apologies. To remove your address, please reply with
> "remove" in the subject line.  We honor all remove requests.
> 356nd69e-fc156k-d5trea5
> i03

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