Rubella Vaccine

Graham Shepherd muhero at globalnet.co.uk
Fri May 14 17:08:56 EST 1999

Dave Lefrois wrote in message <7hhm0k$98u2 at darius.pce.net>...
>I have a question regarding rubella vaccination. My wife is a pending
>immigrant to the USA. Part of the necessary documents are shot
>(immunization) records. Although she received the full battery of shots as
>child in Germany she does not have the shot record for these. It may be
>necessary for her to get another Rubella vaccination. Is there any danger
>receiving a second vaccination to Rubella? Are there any dangers to
>receiving the Rubella vaccination while pregnant?
>She may also need to receive a tetanus shot. Are there any dangers during
>pregnancy for this shot?
>Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.
>Jim Peacock
>jpeacock at pce.net

Pregnant women absolutely must not be vaccinated against rubella.  Normal
antenatal screening includes testing for immunity to rubella, and if
antibody levels are satisfactory immunisation is not necessary.

Tetanus vaccine is an inactivated toxin (toxoid) and probably is not much
more of a risk to pregnant women than to other people.


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