Cryoglobulin Test Procedures?

LunaChic07 lunachic07 at aol.com33
Thu May 20 10:34:54 EST 1999

I have been recently been tested (twice) for cryoglobulins.  The first attempt
was "cancelled due to clerical error" so I looked it up out of curiousity.  The
test procedures appear to be very specific...draw blood with warm syringe, keep
at 37 C until clotted...etc.  So the second time I went in, I mentioned it to
the person drawing my blood.  Well, three technicians later (I was a hard
stick) my blood was drawn next to an open window in a goosebump provoking
temperature with no precautions taken other than putting the collection tube in
warm water (after I was gone, I only saw the tube sitting in the freeeeeeezing
room).  Do these sound like optimal conditions for an accurate test result?  I
don't think so.  The test did show "trace" cryoglobulins but it doesn't seem
like the doctor is giving it much thought.  Any advice or comments out there?

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